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☘ sanitary products

☘ shampoo/shower gel

☘ shaving kit

🚿 shower/bathtub

☘ soap

🚽 WC

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ProviderFranziskanerkloster Berlin-Pankow
AddressWollankstr. 19, 13187 Berlin
Access websiteMaps & directions

Opening hours

Tu08:30 - 12:00 o'clock
Tu13:00 - 14:00 o'clock
Fr08:30 - 12:00 o'clock
Fr13:00 - 14:00 o'clock
Suclosed today

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Important notes

We have carefully researched address and website of the offer bath/shower Hygienestation for you. The specifications phone und e-mail are unfortunately not known to us.
Please respect the opening hours. Closed today!

The services specified above (sanitary products, shower/bathtub, WC, shaving kit, soap, u.a.) might be restricted or unavailable.

Bath/shower information

In particular, people without permanent residence are looking for bath and shower. These sanitation facilities are usually operated by non-profit (eg church) institutions. In order to remove dirt (hygienic reasons), for the better body feeling and to prevent diseases, bath and shower are necessary. In larger cities (eg Berlin, Hamburg), the bathroom and shower for the homeless are often connected to clothing closets where you can get fresh clothes. Also textile washes are often possible. Shampoo and soap are often provided on site.

Bath/shower services

For the hygiene of people without permanent residence (homeless) bathrooms and showers, toilets, detergents, washing machines, shampoo, shower gel, soap, fresh clothes, toiletries, sanitary ware and cosmetic items are in great demand. Public toilets and showers are not common, so church and other non-profit institutions offer such services.

Often, dressing rooms and soup kitchens are affiliated with as social offerings.

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