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The Integration Officer / equal opportunities officer represents the needs of migrants and is committed to their integration. The integration officer is also called the representative for migration and integration. Its tasks are carried out by the Integration Officer at federal, state or local level.

The equal opportunities officer is in principle responsible for the equal treatment of men and women. It usually performs the tasks in a social, municipal or economic institution. Synonyms Women's Representatives or equal opportunities officer.

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The equal opportunities officer represents the needs of migrants and is committed to their integration. In doing so, the Integration Officer acts esp. In accordance with the Residence Act. This regulates the essential foundations for the stay of foreigners as well as entry and exit.

The equal opportunities officer (also: Women's Representative) is primarily responsible for enforcing equal treatment for men and women. If you have questions about gender equality, you can contact the Women's Office, the Equal Opportunity Office or the Equality Office.

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