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Ear nose and throat doctor (ENT) Dr. med. Dagmar ZipsEar nose and throat doctor (ENT) Dr. med. Otto-Martin ZipsFamily counselingHearing aids

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The Family Counselling serves the support and counselling of family problems and conflicts in families. Counselling services can be consulted, e.g. on issues of education, divorce, school problems, attention problems and conflict management. The foundation for the work of family counseling is the children's and youth welfare law. Marriage counseling and couples therapy take place through psychological specialists. Pregnant counselling and sexual counselling are also important areas of responsibility of the counselling centres.

Family counseling services

Frequently searched terms around the topic of family counseling are: counselling centre, family problems, family conflict, pedagogy, social pedagogy, educational issues, divorce, school problems, attention problems, conflict management, pastoral care, marriage counseling, Couple therapy, pregnant counseling, child benefit, parental leave, parental allowance, living allowance, upkeep, partnership, sex counseling, family planning, sexual pedagogy, Pro Familia, contraception, child's desire and conception.

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