Kindergarten Kita Vogelnest

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AddressGalenstr. 29, 13597 Berlin
Phone030 330 96 610
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child care, day care, learning, playground, meals


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Please respect the opening hours. Closed today!

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Kindergarten information

Kindergarten is a public or private facility that looks after and supports the development of preschool children.

Already in 1780, the first kindergarten was opened in Germany, starting from 1828 the infrastructure for the toddler care was expanded.

Today, in many places the kindergarten is called also day care center (short: Kita). Since 1996, the legal right to a KITA place according to the Child and Youth Welfare Act applies in Germany.

Kindergarten services

Kindergarten and daycare (Kita) fulfill a mission in education, education and care. Kitas and Kindergarten are generally socially educational. Therefore, the people who work here need appropriate training as an educator or social worker.

From the age of three to school enrollment, parents are entitled to a kitaplatz. This is regulated by the Child and Youth Welfare Act. Esp. In big cities you have to plan a lot of waiting time for a day-care-center, because the demand is very high.

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